Phone Interview Pro

Our Innovative Interview Support Process

At Phone Interview Pro, we give you the interview help you need. We offer powerful tools and strategies to master every type of phone interview. With us, you'll learn:

  • How to guide your conversations by preparing what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.
  • Communicate a professional presence over the phone
  • Direct talking points toward your goals & next steps
  • Test your skills

Just Three Steps

Our services can assist in finding you the career you've always wanted in three easy steps. First, prepare by reading our bestselling book The Essential Phone Interview Handbook. This will help you understand what you will face and get ready. Next, test what you have learned in our live, full-on interview. Finally, become an interview master when you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Now you're ready for your next phone interview.

The Interview

Do you have an important job phone interview coming up? Get ready to ace your interview like a skilled professional with you sign up with our team before the big call. You will have the chance to do a full-on live interview with one of our experienced corporate evaluators so you can truly test your skills and know exactly what to expect. You'll receive a report with the following aspects to help you succeed:

  • Overview
  • Human characters
  • Opening & closing
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Questions
  • Closing overview

Mastering Your Interview

Understanding phone interview skills are critical to succeeding in an increasingly competitive job market, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps improve your skills to get the job. Here are some key favors to using our services:

  • Recruiters, search firms, & companies use preliminary phone screenings to identify qualified job candidates.
  • Preparing for phone interviews improves confidence, engagement, & the quality of conversations
  • Phone interview skills are vital to passing on to the next steps & securing the job you want

Phone Interview Pro Works One-on-One with Job Candidates by Providing:

  • Live training phone interviews with a certified phone interview pro executive evaluator
  • Detailed, personalized reports of your interview strengths & areas that need improvement
  • Convenient scheduling conducted via email, simulating actual interview procedures